Friday, May 27, 2011

Under a Rock

I've been living under a rock for a few months now. I wanted to write this post in hopes that if I can get all of this out I maybe able to come out from under this rock. My rock is very comfy. There is only enough room for me under here.
An old pic, before we painted the Youth room.
If you aren't immediate family than you probably don't know what had been going on with us lately. My husband is a youth minister. He is an amazing youth minister (I may be biased). He has a way of talking to teenagers that can get past their entitlement, their self grandeur, and self esteem (whether high or low). 

We had been at our church for 2 years when the church said they could no longer afford to keep him Full time. So he went look for a second job.

We were doing just fine with our two jobs, but when he became part time at the church we knew he would need another job. God amazingly took care of it and SL found a job at Sears very quickly. God  has truly blessed SL at Sears. He went from seasonal to Full time Head Cashier in one year.

A year a half after the church put SL as part time, they have now decided to hire a Full Time Music Minister/Youth Minister. SL can't sing or play a musical instrument. Guess what that means.  We're Out.

Our initial reactions was hurt, anger, bitterness. As we have had time to absorb this, we realize God was answering our prayers. We have been praying that God would show us if it was time to leave or stay since SL was put on part time.  God was telling us, It's time to go.  We are still a little hurt, it's hard to not be. But we have a lot of sadness for our youth. We have always stayed for them. Even when we have struggled financially, we kept thinking we are doing this for these teenagers who desperately need a positive influence in their lives.

So now we are looking for a new church or whatever God has in store for us. We don't know what is going to happen, how long we can stay in our house before we can no longer afford it. But we put all our trust in God. He has got us through everything put in front of us and we know He will get us through this too. 

So if you think about us anytime, say a prayer for me, SL, and Bubba.  We sure need it. I will continue to pray for you. Email me your prayer requests.

p.s. say a prayer for Julie also. You can hear about her story here  Another Chance Ranch
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