Tuesday, August 31, 2010

He Has Conquered…..

.... my blog. This is my hubby...
Isn't he cute? Not the best pictures of us but it was all I could do this morning. I asked my hubby to guest post today. I have very painful tonsils today and it is impeding with my typing. Bet you didn't know that could happen. Swollen puss covered tonsils don't just make it hard to swallow, they make it difficult to do anything. Dishes, clean toilets, laundry, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping. I'm tellin' ya, it's rough. So he so kindly gave in to my persuasion. _______________________________________________________________________________

Well, School is back in session, and everyone is busy studying for tests, writing papers, and playing sports. With that said, it begs the question, "What was your favorite subject in school?" Mine was History, specifically American History. It was neat to see what events shaped the course of humanity and the course of our nation. Another favorite of mine was Literature, even though you would not guess it now with the amount of reading I do. It was great to read about characters that were relatable and how the conflicts in their lives got resolved. I guess it is no surprise why I love the Bible so much. It is fascinating to see how the history of God's people shaped the course of humanity, and how God resolves the conflicts in their lives.

What books have you gotten to read lately? Maybe you are an avid reader or maybe not, but know that we must strive to be life-long learners. What subjects excite you- science, math, social studies... cooking? In the spiritual sense, what are new aspects of God that you would like explore- His love, His mercy, His forgiveness, His creation? We have the best book about God and through His word He teaches us all about Himself and our lives in Him.

When was the last time you had a desire to meet with Him through His word?I invite you to pray for a thirst and an excitement for God's word today and know that you belong to Him.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Taste of the Future

Today, on August 24, 2010, a cold front came through. Anyone living within a 500 mile radius from here as been feeling the heat lately. You could almost here an audible "Ahh...." as everyone exhaled a sigh of relief. This cooler weather and rain is definitely an answered prayer. At least for me. 8-22-10_edited-1 As a child I loved summer. It meant school was out, vacation, camp, and my birthday. As I have become an adult I started to resent summer. HOT hot days, sweating, mowing, kids were out of school, and camp. When kids are out of school and have way too much free time with no parent guidance, bad things happen. Since my hubby is a youth minister we get to hear all about the things that go on. But things have begun to change. Kids went back to school yesterday, and a cold front came through this morning and brought rain with it. It was surely God's timing as yesterday was the hottest day of the year so far. It was a miserable day. I even cut my finger open. Not out of frustration from the heat just being a goof. On a side note, you should not pry open a can with your thumb, bad things happen. Blood everywhere, well just down my arm. Back to the weather. Today is much cooler, I know that it will not last but I can't help but to hope that it lingers. At least for my sanity. With the cold front came strong winds. Which was partly great because I opened my house and let the wind blow through and air out my house with the sweet scent of cool rain, Yummm.... The wind also did this to our awning..... fallen awning This is not the first time this has happened. The other time was in a crazy storm a few weeks ago. The repairs we made to it just snapped in the wind this morning. We shall fix it again. Oh, and by "we" I mean "he" as in my hubby. Love you hubby. As I was out trying to straighten the awning I noticed the great lighting on our "barn". barn org So pretty. I may have to have some fun with this pic today. I'll show you the results later. This is what I saw when I came back in from fixing the awning. Cowan lounging My sweet munchkin lounging watching Sesame Street eating his lunch. He is giving the "I see you mom but I am pretending you are not there." look. See... it is in the eyes. Hopefully the cold front will cool everyone down, even if it is just for a day. It gives us a taste of Fall. The best time of year. Enjoy


it. Untitled-1

Thursday, August 19, 2010

VBS Family Night

Recently our church had our VBS Family Night. We have this at the end of the week to show all the parents and families what their little cowpokes had been doing all week. We started by singing all the song they had learned. I was lucky to teach the Pre-K and Kindergarten kids music. They were so much fun. I had to be careful not to let my teacher self come out too much. It was a fun time. Here are the older kids performing

. 100_1738 100_1737 100_1736 100_1735 You can see some of our stage in these pics. We spent a week putting all of the decoration together. After the performance, we invited everyone to join us outside for a hoedown, a hootenanny, a geet together. Pardon me but that was fun. We had a live southern gospel band, hot dogs, roasted corn on the cob, Pony rides, bounce house, ladder golf, calf roping, sack races, and much more. It was a month ago and I can't remember what else we had. Brain Flarties happen.

 Apples Apples 1 Apples 2  Boy bubble 1April jacob Boy bubble 3 horse kristenBri hotdog Cowan eating hotdog1 horse circleCowan Tracie Horse 3  horse girl  Judy watermelon jump house 2 Tammy Doc Uncle Jerry Paul ladder golf Vince rope Watermelon 2 We had a lot of fun. Why can't every year's theme be ranch. Next year is the "Big Apple". How are us western people going to put on a New York theme? Should be interesting. Maybe Western New York? No? Awww...


Monday, August 16, 2010

Living For The Weekend

It’s only Monday! Our weekend was ok. I got a few deals at the store,. Then the coupons came out Sunday and they were quite depressing.

cowan swimming3_edited-1

It is this little guy that keeps me going.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I know that it is only August but I can not wait for Fall to get here. It has been a very HOT past two weeks with no relief in sight. Texas in the summer is sweltering. I continue to tell my Hubby that we get old we will be traveling to the North for the summer. Then come back here for Spring, Fall, and Winter. My poor air-conditioner has been running constantly with our 110 degrees days. So I try to find ways to trick my mind into thinking it is cooler out there. I watch Christmas movies, plan my Fall decor, and plan my Christmas decor.

We took a trip into Hobby Lobby this past weekend. I could spend hours in that store.  Hobby Lobby has all of there Fall and Christmas decorations out. I spent half of the time in those ailes. I could see the frustration on my hubby's face as he wrangled our son from touching anything. My mom however was right there with me. That must be where I acquired my love of Hobby Lobby. We were almost through the store when I saw this.....
I love these stocking kits. I made one for my Hubby years ago while we were still dating. Hobby Lobby had many different kinds there. I almost bought the one where Santa was playing football for my little munchkin. But then I saw this one, Santa's Sweets. I couldn't resist. I love baking and baked goods.

So I plan on working on this stocking everyday while my munchkin takes his nap. I should be doing housework at that time but I want to fool my mind into thinking it is cooler outside.
It may take me until Christmas to get this finished at the rate I'm working on, but that ok. I plan on putting this in my kitchen the day after Thanksgiving. That is the day I decorate for Christmas. That is the day everyone decorates right?  Well, that is what I tell my Hubby at least. He doesn't need to know anything differently. We will discuss his reluctance for Christmas decor another time.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

An Unwanted Visitor

I walk outside in my front yard to do some cleaning. Sweep the porch, pick up trash, and water the plants. I turn the corner of the porch and see a very menacing spider. I don't really know if it can hurt me but it is BIG. I don't like spiders. I want nothing to do with them. If they are inside my house they don't have a prayer of surviving. I call for my hubby to kill them. If they are outside I will let them live only if they are not scary or the bad kind. The spider was big, too big for my liking.
 He was the size of my palm. Way too big. I yelp, yes yelp. Not a scream because I was terrified. I was shocked and a yelp came out. My hubby in the back yard heard me and came running with our son. He saw the spider and began showing it to our baby. How could he do this. Spiders are bad and I don't want my son to play with them. But they are boys and like to do that kind of stuff.
I ask him to kill it please. He asks "Why? It is not hurting anything and it is not a "bad" spider"  I tell him it is too big to live and it may make it's way into our house. What is he, some kind of spider genius?  So he quotes " Yellow touch black, friend of Jack, Red touch Yellow, kill a fellow"  I stare at him in disbelief. "That's for snakes, and you didn't even say it right." He shrugs and finds a stick to kill it. He missed and it ran off, minus a few legs. That's my husband. 
I continue to watch the walls, floor, and ceiling for that spider coming to takes it's revenge. I'm sorry if  the pictures of the spider give you the willy's. It does me.

Monday, August 2, 2010

A Month Late

For July 4th this year we went to Uncle Glen's House. For as long as I can remember we have always gone to his house for the 4th. We even went the year that our Aunt Betty passed away the month before. Uncle Glen said he knew she would still want us to come and enjoy having this time with family. He was right, we did need that time together last year.
This year the 4th was on a Sunday. My husband is a minister so we still had to go to church that morning. Uncle Glen's house is about one and a half hours from our house. We knew we would be late for lunch, but we still wanted to go. Uncle Glen lives on a lake and my little boy has not swam in a lake before. He loved being at the lake. There was this step that he loved to sit on. The  step in the top picture.
Once we got his swim suit on he was determined to run everywhere in the grass barefoot. He wasn't too sure about going in the lake and he needed his Daddy's reassurance.
Once we got him in he had a great time. He would laugh every time he got to splash someone. The little sinister is just like his mama.
Maybe I should have sucked it in. I can't breathe. Ah never mind.
There were 5 children born to our family in one year. We were attempting to get a pic with the 4 that were there. As you can see it was difficult and these were the best.
That one is a little better.
It was a rainy 4th. The kids found where the rain was dripping off the roof into the flower bed. For some reason that was entertaining to them. It was entertaining for the adults to watch them. We are easily amused.
My Cute boy.

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