Monday, June 14, 2010

Getting ready for Camp.

Well, it's that time of year again. Youth Summer Camp. We leave on Sunday. I'm excited to go but very reluctant. I have started to make my list of everything I need to pack and everything I need to accomplish before we leave. I have three lists going. What I need to pack for myself, what I need to pack for my little guy, and what I need to do before we leave. My In-laws agreed to take my little guy for the week to their house which is in Arkansas. It didn't take any persuasion for them to accept. In my preparation, I started to realize it was going to be very hot while we are at camp. We are outside almost all day. This girl doesn't do well in heat. I get cranky. Then add hunger to that and you might want to run for cover, it won't be pretty. So in my distress, I prayed to God for rain and lots of it. I also prayed for cooler weather. Not too cool because I want the kids to go swim and get out of my hair.I then began to remember last year and the year before that, lots of girls in one small room. I am so thankful for the room we stayed in the past years because we didn't have to share with another church. We do not share well. So I have 10 teenage girls in one small room, all week. Someone save me. There will be the inevitable fights and DRAMA that all girls bring. I don't know if I am ready for this. I guess I don't really have a choice.
So to calm myself here are some pics I took while at Nana's.
Stone turtle


Birdie bell
This is how bored I am when I post random pics.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

One Word


Well, that really wasn't a word. Oh well. I stand by it.

Swimming at Nana's

My little guy went to his Nana's last weekend. She bought him a little pool. Now he has gone swimming before and he LOVES to take bathes, so we thought he would love the little pool. Nana filled it and let it warm all day. We didn't have any swimmers there so he swam in his diaper. At first he didn't like the pool and cried.
We encouraged him to get him but he was not having it. I went in and got some of his toys and put them in the pool. He slowly got the courage to put his feet in. I put in his little chair and he sat in his chair. We are making progress.

About 15 minutes later he decided he didn't need his chair anymore and sat in the water. Woo Hoo! Success! About 5 minutes after he sat in the water I remembered why we use swimmer diapers. Yep, the diaper swelled to three times it normal size. I was afraid it would explode and little pieces of diaper were going to float all over the water. Yuck, cause you never know what is in the diaper. We won't talk about that here.
He had so much fun in the pool. When it was time to get out, the poor little guy could not even stand up on his own. The weight of the water logged diaper kept pulling him down. Nana had to carry him in and left the diaper on the porch.
Reminder: Use swimmer diapers.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

This can't be good.

This is what I see when I came into the kitchen this morning. This is looking into our back yard and alley. Oh NO! What in the world are they going to be doing out there? I was not notified of any work being done behind my house. I guess they don't really have to if it is in the alley. So I run to get the bucket and fill it with water. You never know if they will turn the water off. My husband did that to me once and told me I couldn't go to the bathroom all day until he fixed it. I told that was grounds for divorce.

Before I thought any of that, I was so relieved that we mowed the alley two days before. I would hate for the people to think that this minister didn't take care of his yard. In this town they all know where the ministers live.

Last night I slaved in an sweltering kitchen to make this for my hubby.

BBQ Meatballs. Mmmmm...... Don't look at my plates they are old. I need better ones. I have Fiesta Ware I was just lazy and didn't pull them out. These were in the drain rack. I digress. My husband loved these. I was so proud. He even wanted to take them to work for lunch the next day. Anyone who knows my husband knows he will not eat leftovers. Weirdo. He loves me. I may have to do something special for him today.
Make your own meatballs

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Too Early

My husband asks me last night "Could you get up with me in the morning and mow the yard while I weed-eat?" He is so cute there was no way I could say no. Well, I really didn't think he actually meant it. So I stayed up 'til 2 last night doing anything I could find on the internet. Well, not anything. After trying to scare my husband out of his sleep, my favorite past time, with no success I called it a night.

My husband's alarm goes off early. He has the most annoying alarm clock. It sounds just like a cockapoo and a weenie dog. It is so strange, those are the kind of dogs we have. He puts them out and comes to wake me up. The husband starts poking me in my ribs. I squirm to avoid his advances. He continues with tickling my sides and I give up. I told my husband "I have a problem" "What is it?" He asks. "I don't want to go. Maybe that is more of a problem for you" then a hide under the covers. He then reminds me "If you don't do it now you will have to do it later when it is 100+ degrees outside. Do you like the heat?" I pout and slide out of bed. With a chuckle he leaves the room and goes to the back yard.

So I go mow the yard with 4 hours of sleep. Do I blame myself for lack of sleep? No. I blame the Pioneer Woman for making such funny post on her blog. I can't stop reading them.
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