Tuesday, June 8, 2010

This can't be good.

This is what I see when I came into the kitchen this morning. This is looking into our back yard and alley. Oh NO! What in the world are they going to be doing out there? I was not notified of any work being done behind my house. I guess they don't really have to if it is in the alley. So I run to get the bucket and fill it with water. You never know if they will turn the water off. My husband did that to me once and told me I couldn't go to the bathroom all day until he fixed it. I told that was grounds for divorce.

Before I thought any of that, I was so relieved that we mowed the alley two days before. I would hate for the people to think that this minister didn't take care of his yard. In this town they all know where the ministers live.

Last night I slaved in an sweltering kitchen to make this for my hubby.

BBQ Meatballs. Mmmmm...... Don't look at my plates they are old. I need better ones. I have Fiesta Ware I was just lazy and didn't pull them out. These were in the drain rack. I digress. My husband loved these. I was so proud. He even wanted to take them to work for lunch the next day. Anyone who knows my husband knows he will not eat leftovers. Weirdo. He loves me. I may have to do something special for him today.
Make your own meatballs

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