Saturday, June 5, 2010

Too Early

My husband asks me last night "Could you get up with me in the morning and mow the yard while I weed-eat?" He is so cute there was no way I could say no. Well, I really didn't think he actually meant it. So I stayed up 'til 2 last night doing anything I could find on the internet. Well, not anything. After trying to scare my husband out of his sleep, my favorite past time, with no success I called it a night.

My husband's alarm goes off early. He has the most annoying alarm clock. It sounds just like a cockapoo and a weenie dog. It is so strange, those are the kind of dogs we have. He puts them out and comes to wake me up. The husband starts poking me in my ribs. I squirm to avoid his advances. He continues with tickling my sides and I give up. I told my husband "I have a problem" "What is it?" He asks. "I don't want to go. Maybe that is more of a problem for you" then a hide under the covers. He then reminds me "If you don't do it now you will have to do it later when it is 100+ degrees outside. Do you like the heat?" I pout and slide out of bed. With a chuckle he leaves the room and goes to the back yard.

So I go mow the yard with 4 hours of sleep. Do I blame myself for lack of sleep? No. I blame the Pioneer Woman for making such funny post on her blog. I can't stop reading them.

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