Thursday, June 10, 2010

Swimming at Nana's

My little guy went to his Nana's last weekend. She bought him a little pool. Now he has gone swimming before and he LOVES to take bathes, so we thought he would love the little pool. Nana filled it and let it warm all day. We didn't have any swimmers there so he swam in his diaper. At first he didn't like the pool and cried.
We encouraged him to get him but he was not having it. I went in and got some of his toys and put them in the pool. He slowly got the courage to put his feet in. I put in his little chair and he sat in his chair. We are making progress.

About 15 minutes later he decided he didn't need his chair anymore and sat in the water. Woo Hoo! Success! About 5 minutes after he sat in the water I remembered why we use swimmer diapers. Yep, the diaper swelled to three times it normal size. I was afraid it would explode and little pieces of diaper were going to float all over the water. Yuck, cause you never know what is in the diaper. We won't talk about that here.
He had so much fun in the pool. When it was time to get out, the poor little guy could not even stand up on his own. The weight of the water logged diaper kept pulling him down. Nana had to carry him in and left the diaper on the porch.
Reminder: Use swimmer diapers.

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