Friday, January 27, 2012


It's that time of the week again. Insta-Friday.

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life rearranged

Wait, it is friday right?
Thses past two weeks have been a bit twisted.
My little guy was so sick last week. It took almost the entire week for him to get past it.
So the first trip out of the house in 6 days was to, where else, Target.
Not to get anything in particular, just to walk around.
We love our Target! Oh... and all the spring/summer outdoor things are out! I so need to get some furniture for our porch. We love to sit out there while our little guy plays.

My little guy also started to write his own name this week. It is a little hard to read but I can see it.  It may be that I'm the mommy and that's why I can read it. I maybe a little biased, maybe.

In our new house we have HUGE windows in our living room.
Like a wall of windows! So I have been struggling trying to find some kind of treatment for them.
I'm loving the wide horizontal stripes for drapes. However everything I found to buy for the size I needed was way out of my price range. So I made my own for $20, for both. Thats right, my husband was so happy I didn't buy the ones I wanted to $120. He loves me.

All the men in my house hate to have their nails clipped. It is a battle to clip my son's.

Sunday we hosted all our youth, volunteers, and their parents to our hosue for an easy fellowship. I wasn't ready. My hosue wasn't ready. But on thing God has taught me this week is that if I wait until I'm fully ready I'll miss out some amazing things. He uses me the best when I'm not ready.
After all was cleaned from the fellowship, my son curled on the couch with a bag as big as he is.
He really is just like his daddy. Too cute.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mr. Coffee Love

I love coffee, everything coffee. My kitchen is even decorated with coffee things. But in this house, I'm the only coffee drinker. My husband says he likes it but really only has coffee once a week.
Sad, I know.
As much as I love coffee, I have to admit, I only drink one cup a day. However I make it an experience. I put it in one of my favorite cups, use my best coffee, and the best creamer.
When I got married almost 8 years ago I was gifted my first Me. Coffee pot. I loved that thing. It was the kind with the insulated carafe. I loved it and used it until this past Christmas. It still works after 8 years and we will continue to use it when, we have guests, for years to come.

So all of this to say, my hubby knew exactly what to get me for Christmas. Can u guess...not that... no not that either. Ok, I'll tell you. A Mr. Coffee Single Serve Brewer! Oh look how cute it is!

I'm in love! Sorry honey.
It fits perfectly on my counter.

I don't like a lot of clutter on my counter, mostly because I don't have that much space to begin with. This Mr. Coffee even fits the larger cups, which is wonderful.
Now I can use any of my favorite coffee brands, hot chocolate, and teas. Heaven!!

I even found the insert, from another brand, where I can put in my own grounds. Like this coffee, mmmmm....

So what are your favorite coffee products? I would love to know.

I wrote this post to thank you to my wonderful hubby who gave me this brewer for Christmas. I have not received anything from Mr. Coffee and they have no idea who I am.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Adjustment Time

We have moved! My husband is now the new Youth Minister at a church near Houston. So we moved clear across the state of TX. Are we crazy? Possibly, but not for making this move. We followed God, period.

life rearranged
So I decided to join insta-Friday and show some pics of how my son is adjusting. (he loves it here).

Poor baby only wants to take naps on Mommy and Daddy's bed. I give in so easily.


First trip to Burger King!

More naps on Mommy's bed.

Our morning alarm, every morning! I don't mind too much. It's an awfully cute alarm.
This is how mommy was adjusting! Yummy....  We were doing really well until this happened...
Ugh... now we are cleaning up.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hide and Seek

My son has found a new hiding place. I called him to get ready for his bath, and when he didn't excitedly run to me I knew he was hiding. You see, he just turned 3 and his favorite game is hide and seek now. I'm not a fan.  

However he is awfully cute when hiding. I hear that sweet giggle when I get close. I then see this....

So cute. We play and wrestle on the floor.

Then I realize the bathtub has been filling this whole time.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Great Finds at Grandma's

SL's grandma has a house full of stuff. Not trash, just stuff. Antiques, collectibles, and stuff. It is always fun to look through it and see what great things are in there. Last year she gave me this great bowl. I love it and my son loves to eat his cereal out of it.

This past weekend we were at grandma's house for my son's birthday and we happened to come across this awesome tin.

First thing I saw were all the colors and the design. I was hooked. I love it.

I then turn it around and see what is on the back.

It is a Bisquick tin. I didn't even know they made these. No one else there did as well. 
We tried to find a date but there was none.
I'm going to do some searching to see what info I can find about it.

I think I may put cookies in this and leave it on my dinning table.
It has to be left out so I can see it and enjoy it.
If you know anything about it let me know.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Great Birthday Deal

So I normally don't blog about some of the great deals I find. Only because I'm not very good at it.
But while at Target I came across the quilt I had been wanting for my son.
He will soon be out of his toddler bed and in a twin bed.
He is growing so fast. sniff
Moving on...

I saw it again and it had the highly anticipated red sticker on it.
Yes, it was on clearance.
Cue the chorus of angels.

My son's 3rd birthday is this week and I thought "Better get it now, cause it won't be here next time"
I hate that. When you want to buy something and decide to come back for it and it's gone.

So this very cute quilt was originally $64.99. Way to much for this household.
Today on clearance for $16.24.
Had to get it.

Now when we get his new bed in, he won't have to sleep like this anymore.

Please disregard the messy room.
I don't know how he sleeps this way.
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