Friday, September 23, 2011

Great Birthday Deal

So I normally don't blog about some of the great deals I find. Only because I'm not very good at it.
But while at Target I came across the quilt I had been wanting for my son.
He will soon be out of his toddler bed and in a twin bed.
He is growing so fast. sniff
Moving on...

I saw it again and it had the highly anticipated red sticker on it.
Yes, it was on clearance.
Cue the chorus of angels.

My son's 3rd birthday is this week and I thought "Better get it now, cause it won't be here next time"
I hate that. When you want to buy something and decide to come back for it and it's gone.

So this very cute quilt was originally $64.99. Way to much for this household.
Today on clearance for $16.24.
Had to get it.

Now when we get his new bed in, he won't have to sleep like this anymore.

Please disregard the messy room.
I don't know how he sleeps this way.

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