Wednesday, September 21, 2011


pleated poppy
Today I am joining What I Wore Wednesday with The Pleated Poppy. 
I decided to join today to get myself out of my yoga pants and t-shirts and actually get dressed.
Not there is anything wrong with wearing yoga pants and t-shirts, I was just get lazy in what I wear.
My hubby laughs because some days I just stay in my pj's and don't even make the effort to wear my yoga pants. I'm always afraid someone will come to the door and I'll still be in my pj's and braless in the middle of the afternoon. Not a pretty site.

My son wanted to join the photo, which is very rare for him.


  1. cute jacket!!! your little guy is so cute!!!

    Jenna Duty

  2. Love the colors in the top and the denim jacket really looks cute with it, too!

    I joined to get myself out of t-shirts or sweatshirts and jeans on a daily basis, lol! I was always "saving" my good clothes for church, etc.

    My hubby is a pastor as well, and one day I was wearing raggedy sweatpants and a t-shirt and someone from our church brought over his brother to "meet the pastor's wife" and wow, was I embarrassed!

    But that was before this meme and so now I look a lot better, haha! In fact I've ran into several people from church, etc., while out and about and must admit I'm glad I'm representing better, hehehe!


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