About BMW

My name is Tracie and I am The Bored Minister's Wife.
I call myself the Bored Minister's Wife because I am married to a Minister. I'm not sure who is the bored one, but I'm leaning towards me. My hubby SL and I have a son "Bubba". He has just turned 2 and is making my hair prematurely gray.

SL wearing Bubba's Halloween costume.
Along with being a wife and mom I am also a Pre-K teacher. Whew!! I adore those kids. Having 16  4 year olds might also be the cause of my gray follicles. We have been so blessed to be placed at our church by God. We may not always feel that way but we are.

The students we took to camp in 2010.
I was born and lived my life in Texas. I am a Texas girl through and through. Now I have lived in different towns in Texas but will always call TX home.

SL and I were married in 2004. Graduated from the same college Howard Payne University. "Sting 'Em"  We lived and worked at Heart of Tx Baptist Camp and Conference Center. We really loved it there. We were so sad to leave when God called us elsewhere. But we knew we had to follow God's calling.  That was when we came to out church.

Things I love: Pics of my son, animals, weather, crafts, music, baking, taking pics of clouds, animals, barns, my favorite things and many more...
Pics of my son.
Animals, Especially Cows

Cat Harley
Photo from   The Pioneer Woman
A coming storm

Mamatus Clouds

Yes, I even like Twilight.
Things I hate:  Spiders and Cleaning

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