Monday, August 2, 2010

A Month Late

For July 4th this year we went to Uncle Glen's House. For as long as I can remember we have always gone to his house for the 4th. We even went the year that our Aunt Betty passed away the month before. Uncle Glen said he knew she would still want us to come and enjoy having this time with family. He was right, we did need that time together last year.
This year the 4th was on a Sunday. My husband is a minister so we still had to go to church that morning. Uncle Glen's house is about one and a half hours from our house. We knew we would be late for lunch, but we still wanted to go. Uncle Glen lives on a lake and my little boy has not swam in a lake before. He loved being at the lake. There was this step that he loved to sit on. The  step in the top picture.
Once we got his swim suit on he was determined to run everywhere in the grass barefoot. He wasn't too sure about going in the lake and he needed his Daddy's reassurance.
Once we got him in he had a great time. He would laugh every time he got to splash someone. The little sinister is just like his mama.
Maybe I should have sucked it in. I can't breathe. Ah never mind.
There were 5 children born to our family in one year. We were attempting to get a pic with the 4 that were there. As you can see it was difficult and these were the best.
That one is a little better.
It was a rainy 4th. The kids found where the rain was dripping off the roof into the flower bed. For some reason that was entertaining to them. It was entertaining for the adults to watch them. We are easily amused.
My Cute boy.

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