Thursday, August 19, 2010

VBS Family Night

Recently our church had our VBS Family Night. We have this at the end of the week to show all the parents and families what their little cowpokes had been doing all week. We started by singing all the song they had learned. I was lucky to teach the Pre-K and Kindergarten kids music. They were so much fun. I had to be careful not to let my teacher self come out too much. It was a fun time. Here are the older kids performing

. 100_1738 100_1737 100_1736 100_1735 You can see some of our stage in these pics. We spent a week putting all of the decoration together. After the performance, we invited everyone to join us outside for a hoedown, a hootenanny, a geet together. Pardon me but that was fun. We had a live southern gospel band, hot dogs, roasted corn on the cob, Pony rides, bounce house, ladder golf, calf roping, sack races, and much more. It was a month ago and I can't remember what else we had. Brain Flarties happen.

 Apples Apples 1 Apples 2  Boy bubble 1April jacob Boy bubble 3 horse kristenBri hotdog Cowan eating hotdog1 horse circleCowan Tracie Horse 3  horse girl  Judy watermelon jump house 2 Tammy Doc Uncle Jerry Paul ladder golf Vince rope Watermelon 2 We had a lot of fun. Why can't every year's theme be ranch. Next year is the "Big Apple". How are us western people going to put on a New York theme? Should be interesting. Maybe Western New York? No? Awww...



  1. All the pictures are fantastic. you do an amazing job with your camera and you are really coming along in elements! Maybe we can geet together.

  2. Thanks! Elements is all I need. I just can't see myself spending that much more money for PS when Elements does everything I need it to. Now if I was a professional that would be another story. As you can see I am no professional.


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