Thursday, August 5, 2010

An Unwanted Visitor

I walk outside in my front yard to do some cleaning. Sweep the porch, pick up trash, and water the plants. I turn the corner of the porch and see a very menacing spider. I don't really know if it can hurt me but it is BIG. I don't like spiders. I want nothing to do with them. If they are inside my house they don't have a prayer of surviving. I call for my hubby to kill them. If they are outside I will let them live only if they are not scary or the bad kind. The spider was big, too big for my liking.
 He was the size of my palm. Way too big. I yelp, yes yelp. Not a scream because I was terrified. I was shocked and a yelp came out. My hubby in the back yard heard me and came running with our son. He saw the spider and began showing it to our baby. How could he do this. Spiders are bad and I don't want my son to play with them. But they are boys and like to do that kind of stuff.
I ask him to kill it please. He asks "Why? It is not hurting anything and it is not a "bad" spider"  I tell him it is too big to live and it may make it's way into our house. What is he, some kind of spider genius?  So he quotes " Yellow touch black, friend of Jack, Red touch Yellow, kill a fellow"  I stare at him in disbelief. "That's for snakes, and you didn't even say it right." He shrugs and finds a stick to kill it. He missed and it ran off, minus a few legs. That's my husband. 
I continue to watch the walls, floor, and ceiling for that spider coming to takes it's revenge. I'm sorry if  the pictures of the spider give you the willy's. It does me.


  1. This spider is a garden spider...they are friendly even though they do not look it! They eat bugs that are mosquitoes! I had lots of them in my veggie garden and even though I too really hate spiders....these were welcome there. I would not have wanted him on my porch maybe he will relocate!
    Have a great week, a spiderless week!

  2. That is good to know. If I see anymore I may just relocate them. Well, actually have my Hubby do the relocating.


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