Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree... Oh NO!!

I finally finished my tree. I did have my tree finished a week ago, until the accident.

Yes, I killed my tree.
I'm guilty.
We had this tree for 6 years. It was the tree we got our first Christmas as a married couple.
I thought that was a pretty good run.
I must admit. I hated that tree. It was not a pre-lit tree. I HATE stringing lights so I make my husband do it every year.

Back to how it died.
I was placing the curly things on top and I heard a loud crack in the plastic base.
It was already cracked but we put it up anyways. Try to get one more year out of it.
It didn't last.
It fell right over on to my feet as I sat watching Oprah's favorite things. (Does anyone else get emotional  watching other people receive amazing things? No? Just me? Ok....)

So to the store hubby went to get a new one. He picked a good one too. 7ft Pre-lit, beautiful. 
Oh Happy Day! 

After taking all the ornaments off of the broken tree and placing them on the new tree, this was our results. 

Tomorrow I will show you what I made out of this.....

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