Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Texas Weather

The Bluebonnets are starting to bloom! In Texas that means Spring has Sprung.
Unfortunately our fields of Bluebonnets are not quite this full. We have been seriously low on rain. It has been since November 2010 since we have had any significant rain. In the part of Texas where I live, we are in a Stage 4 drought, there are only 5 stages.

When you haven't had much ran in several months it starts to take a toll on your psyche. Maybe that is just me. Rain refreshes me just as it does the Earth. I need rain, I thrive on rain. I know God will provide it for us soon if we just keep praying.

We always say here, "If you don't like the weather now just wait a few hours. It'll change." Yes, we say "it'll" - it will. It's Texas, here "oil" is pronounced "ol".  Stop chasing bunnies, back to the weather. Sunday it was just down right HOT! We were up around 100 degrees where I live. Some places just above 100. It's April for goodness sakes! It is not supposed to be that hot!! Well we just had to wait a day. Monday it was 60 degrees. So Strange. I had the AC on Sunday and the Heater on Monday. The weather should stabilize this week around 80 which is beautiful! However, no rain. Boo!!

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