Friday, July 2, 2010

Love Confession

My birthday was last week, the same day as Father's Day, the same day we left for camp. It was a very busy day. I don't usually celebrate my birthday. It just doesn't feel natural to me to do so. Mostly because I don't want to be reminded I'm getting older. The night before my birthday I woke in a panic. I shook my husband until he woke up. He was not happy so I knew I had to get this out fast before he fell asleep again. "Honey, it is only 3 more years until we turn 30!! I can't turn 30. I'm too young to turn 30! It is just not right. God wouldn't let this happen to me." My usually sweet, caring, comforting husband rolled over and told me "It's gonna happen. Go to sleep." " But honey I can't sleep!" I did not receive an answer after that.

So that day he took me to one of my favorite places, Pier One. I LOVE that store. I could spend hours in that store. I always come out with something, usually it is on sale. (Ministers wife remember) As we were walking through something caught my eye. It was a coffee mug. I have a fascination with coffee mugs. I don't like for all of my mugs to match and I love big mugs. Well, this mug is in my favorite pattern, Cow Print!!
I fell in love. I called to my husband and said "Look!! I love it. I must have it." He looked over the mug and gave me a horrified look "It has utters" "Yes it does!! I can't believe it either!" He then walked away. Sadly I put the mug down and walked to the other side of the store, deflated. When I eventually came back he had the mug in his hand, along with something else. This.....Oh yes, it is a cow print creamer. When I stopped jumping up and down. I noticed a polka dot (my other favorite pattern) croc. Oh No! I knew he would not get me all three. So which do I choose. It was like Sophie's choice. Maybe not, I've never seen Sophie's choice. I was torn. There was another person there who came to my rescue. My mom. She grabbed the croc and said "Happy Birthday".
Oh, it was a beautiful day! I now have a croc to put all of my wooden spoon and my spatulas in. Oh Happy Day! My loot from Pier One. Dangerous store for me.
I now must confess. I love cows and cow print. I don't know why. I always have. I used to ask my mom for a cow hide. I never knew what to do with it, I just loved the way they looked. I even used to pet them. My mom always said "No". Bummer. It may have been that they were pretty expensive, or just ugly to her.
Mom why couldn't I have a cow hide? I would have kept it in my room. Mom? Mom? You there? tap....tap... tap...
I guess she left. So throughout my house now there are little touches of cow print. Mostly on my son's things. I thought if I buy cow things for him it would not look so strange. He has a cow chair, cow toys, cow clothes. Until one day we were in Stork Land (bad store for new moms). Out of the corner of my eye I see it. A cow print Britax Diplomat carseat!! To my husbands embarrassment I yell "No Sir!" I don't know what I meant by that I was just excited. My husband actually thought I was yelling at him, so he dropped what he was holding. Poor man. Long story short, the carseat came home with us that day. Here is my son in his new carseat. Isn't it wonderful.
If you have any cow print or cow things you don't want I will gladly take them off your hands. My husband won't like that at all.

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