Monday, September 27, 2010

Family Night

We don’t often get to have a night where there is nowhere we need to be. No football or volleyball games, no church functions, no family visiting. Sean was off from both jobs, which is very rare. I only work in the mornings so I was free. So we took advantage of our freedom and had ourselves a family night. We piled in the car and headed one town over to the lovely park on a lake. Our little town has a park but it is covered in graffiti and there is no telling what you will step on, or who you will come in contact with. My Son loves this park, it has a great playground and the lake is full of ducks and geese that are so much fun to feed. These are some of the pics from our Family Night.


100_1895 100_1896 100_1897

One of my favorite pics from the night.


He decided he wanted to eat the bread instead of giving it to the ducks.

100_1902  100_1903



This can’t be good. That Goose was mean.


This where we have my son’s birthday parties. We just had one there this Saturday. He turned 2! I’ll post about that later.

100_1911  100_1912

100_1914 100_1916

100_1925 100_1928

We then went for pizza and pigged out. It was great.

Sean and Cowan

Oh my favorite picture of the two of them. The men I love.

Cowan on rock

My newly turned 2 year old.

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