Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It is DEAD

Our awning, our cowboy awning, the awning we bought each other for our anniversary, is dead. About a month ago a storm came through and blew it around. I had it anchored to our fence which kept it from blowing completely away. When the storm was over it looked like this.
fallen awning
Not too bad we could fix this, and we did. Please pay no attention to how bad my backyard looks. We have had  a lot of rain lately. Well, except where the pool had been laying (the big dead circle).
Early last week a strong line of storm came blowing through. And I mean blowing. I was home by myself so I couldn’t take down the awning. So I decided to lower it all the way to the ground and stake down. I was hoping the would work. The the storm hit and the wind hit. I knew it was strong winds when I heard it HIT the back side of my house. When the storm was half way through I went to check on the awning and it was blowing around getting the back of my house. I just prayed that it didn’t hit a window. When I eventually ventured outside this is what I found.

Oh how sad…. it is gone for good. No repairing it this time.
Good bye to our Cowboys awning. We had such a short time with you. Thank you for the shade you provided us during this blazing summer. You keep me and my son from being sunburned as we played in the pool beneath you. One day we will replace you, but it may take awhile. You were pretty expensive for us. Good bye friend.


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