Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sad Day

It is another sad day for our small town. A funeral for someone who died way too soon. We have all heard that everything is in God's timing. Which is easy to say, but hard to accept. 

Since SL and I have moved to this town 3 1/2 years ago there have been 5 teenagers pass away. All of these have been a shock to our community. I have never seen anything like this before. 5 teens dying in the span of 3 years all from car accidents.

So as I type this my hubby is at our church attending the 5th funeral of a students he knew as the student minister at our church.  Many of our students don't understand how God would allow this to happen. We don't have eloquent words for them. All we have is that we don't understand God's timing. However we have to continue to have faith that God is in control and that these tragedies are all apart of God's plan.

This tiny town has had it's share, plus more, of tragedy.  Many unexpected deaths, serious drug problems, failing economy, and even a devastating fire.

In April of 2009 a massive wild fire came to the very edge of our town. It burned down about 6 houses and completely destroyed a manufacturing plant right outside of town. The fire reached the main intersection of town and burned the shoulders of the road.  The fire was so large and because the winds were blowing the smoke filled the city. I took my son covered his face with a wet clothe, grabbed my pets, our important papers and our computer. I picked up my husband and we tried to find a way out of town. We reached the neighboring town were my husband's grandmother lived and stayed there until we received word that all was ok later that night. We returned home to a very smelly town and house that smelled like burnt peas. Terrible. The plant never recovered and moved to another town. 50 people were now out of work.

All of this to say, God we continue to rely on you. We don't understand why these things keep happening to our town, but I have faith that you have big plans for us. As it dangles on the edge of collapse, I know you are in control.

Please pray as you read this for the family who has lost their son, grandson, brother, and friend. They will need it in the coming days.


  1. That is really sad. Why do you continue to live in a town that is clearly struggling? It must be really hard for you and your fam to have to see all of this happening and unable to do anything to fix it.

  2. Keep up the faith!

    I've always found it so encouraging that tiny towns are so knit together, and those ties come even closer during tragedy. My town has had it's share of freak accidents (and most of them happened to the 2007 graduating class)- anything from three boys being electrocuted to three girls getting hit by a car to muscle-attacking bacteria and concussion-induced long-term amnesia. But through it all, the town came together as one and supported each other.

    My thoughts are with the families of those who have passed!


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