Monday, January 24, 2011

A suprise from the Pioneer Woman

Back in May of 2010 a friend of mine on Facebook sent me a link to a recipe on some lady's blog about a sandwich called "The Marlboro Man" sandwich.  I thought this must be some crazy lady to name a sandwich after cigarettes. My friend swears it is the greatest sandwich EVER! I thought she was a little crazy too, but she was my friend and I gave her a chance. I read the post about this miracle sandwich, and I was intrigued. I read a few more posts and recipes. Ok, I think I like this site now. However the true test will be to try out some of these recipes on SL. He says he is not a picky eater, well, I say HA!

Ree the Pioneer Woman
 I spent almost an entire day looking at The Pioneer Woman's blog. I thought this lady was strange telling the world about her husband's wranglers and her fascination about his forearms.  I tried to stop reading, but it was too late and I was hooked. (As I'm sure many of you are also) Silly me, I thought I had come across something new and great. Little did I know that she had been around the blogosphere for 4 years. I was even telling my mom and dad about this great new place where I get loads of new recipes to try out. My dad laughed and said "Well yeah honey. I 've been reading her site for almost a year now" 

A year! Really? A year? Where was I? Was I under a rock? Was my head in the sand? Where was I? I know I've been raising my two year old but I'm not that far out of touch with the world. I was a little, NO a lot, late to the party. But at least I got there right?

About 2 months ago Ree (the Pioneer Woman) told us about her new book that was to be released in Feb. It will be called Black Heels to Tracker Wheel: A Love Story. This was a continuation from her online posts about her whirlwind romance with a cowboy she loving calls Marlboro Man.  I decided I needed a good read, so I spent the entire evening reading all her posts about old boyfriends, the death of one sweet pug, and her fasted paced courtship. It was great! I found myself laughing out loud and crying about Puggy Sue. (Poor Puggy Sue). I wanted more, I thought how can I wait for Feb. to finish the whole story.

Well, last Saturday this came.

Yep that's right, and advanced copy of Ree's new book. Sent straight from the ranch. Now, I was not the only one to receive this gift. It was sent to 4 others as well. I was so excited I started reading it right then and finished it the next day. I had to pause to go to church because well, I am a minister's wife and it may look back to not see me there. I know some of those old ladies would ask my sweet SL where I was. He wouldn't be able to lie (lying is bad, very bad). It would probably sound bad to say "Well, she is at home reading because she couldn't pause to come to church. Yes, I know it is bad, but you go tell her to get dressed at come to church!" As soon as I was finished with lunch and put the little down for a nap it was back to the book I went. I finished that afternoon.

This is turning to be along post so I will write what I thought of the book tomorrow (hopefully).

One more thing, look...

Yep, she signed it.
Man those are bad pictures of me. It was late Saturday after a full day of looking at sofas with my mom. Hopefully your eyes are not burning and turning red. Sorry if they are.

Love, The Bored Minister's Wife


  1. I entered that giveaway! How did you get her to choose you? There was like 22,000 entries for that giveaway and only 5 winners. Great odds for you, not me. Maybe you should go play the lottery.

  2. April, I don't know how or why I was chosen. She is just generous and she would probably have loved to give many more but only had 5 advanced ones to give away.

  3. Hey i took the pictures!! Why would people's eyes burn? Your beautiful and its awesome you won. You deserve it


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