Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fever Has Set In

We are snowed in still. It started Monday night with the storms and sleet. I wanted to feel it so I went out in the front yard and it felt like tiny shards of glass hitting you. I didn't like it. The weather guy here called it Thunder Snow/Sleet. It was weird. Then the wind hit and with it the snow and more sleet.

We woke up to a different place. Everything was white. I would say it was quiet and still only because there were no people out, but I can't. The wind was blowing crazy hard.

 I wanted pictures. I'm not a photographer but I love to take pictures. My camera is ok for a point-and-shoot. So I had my fleece pants with tights under, three long sleeves with hoodie on. I thought I was good. I figured there wasn't much of a difference on my skin between 6 degrees and 20 degrees. Normally there is not, but when the wind is blowing 50mph the wind chill drops to -5 degrees with lots of blowing snow it cuts through every layer I had on. I was not wearing gloves so I could handle my camera. Stupid. These were the pictures I took.
.... and then my camera froze. So did I. My hands here hurting so badly I could not get to my house fast enough. The blowing wind and snow stops you in your tracks. This is Texas right?

So now we are out of school for the third day in a row, we are having black outs, and freezing pipes. Where am I? Alaska is 1 degree colder than here right now. What?! I can't leave the house with my 2yr old.  So the fever has set in. The Cabin Fever. Can't do dishes or laundry, supposed to conserve water and electricity. Maybe that is a good thing, I hate dishes and folding laundry. My husband is getting through this by sleeping. I guess he needs it. Booo...

Silver lining I here a strange noise outside this afternoon and see this...

 A kind person has come to uncover our church parking lots and sidewalks. That is the front of the church. I told you I live right down from the church.
This was a different post for me. Cabin Fever has gotten to my head. When the snow and ice leave, things will return to normal, so will I.

If you are snowed in or freezing, try your best to stay warm. God Bless You.


  1. Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Love your blog.
    Have a nice day!

  2. Sounds miserable. I am done with snow too....dreaming of spring. Counting down the weeks, one day at a time.

  3. Tracie, love you. Love your blog. Love Pioneer Woman. I'm so happy I found you on MBC. I'm going to follow you on Twitter too. Right now. That's how enamored I am. Are you freaked out now? Please don't be. I'm not as crazy as I've made myself out to be in this very lengthy comment.
    ~Jules @


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