Friday, February 4, 2011


I call UNCLE!! No more COLD!!!  This Texas girl just can't handle the negative temps. This is Texas for goodness sake! Something is just wrong when Alaska is 1degree above us.

Our pipes had been freezing off and on this week. First the entire back of the house was frozen. Then part of it thawed yesterday. Yay!! The other end of it by the washer and dryer had not thawed. Last night we were woken by a strange noise around 4am. Let me tell ya how happy I was at 4am. I thought someone was breaking into my car right next to our bedroom. I jumped up put on my Uggs and ran outside ready to whip up on someone. You don't mess with my car. I LURVE my car. Well, there was no one there. Weird. I was pumped full of adrenaline so there was no getting back to sleep. Well SL heard other noises as well. Our water heater was dripping onto the flame. We heard a sizzle all morning.

SL went to put the dogs out and low and behold we had a small lake in our back yard coming from under the house. GREAT!! The pipe burst. We scrambled to get the water turned off. Now we need a plumber NOW.  Oh yeah and the water I saved in our bath tub was drained by our landlord. He is a wonderful man, but he left me with NO water, and SL took my car. I may have to whop up on him.

Feel sorry for me yet? No?  Well, I'm pretty pitiful you should.  I'll throw my own pity party. Anyone else snowed/iced in can join me.

I'm feeling really down. I just ate a muffin for lunch. This is the only thing that makes me happy.
Isn't that cute. Last time he played in the snow he looked like this...

So sweet. Here are more of my 2 year old with SL trying to play in the snow.

Don't worry Bubba had several layers on and he only stayed out for a few minutes. He screamed and whaled when it was time to come in. Until I gave him hot chocolate and cookies.


  1. Hi I found your blog through MBC I am following now, you have a nice blog. I hear you about the snow I just blogged my latest battle with the snow, feel free to stop by,

  2. ouch. sorry to hear about your pipes bursting. glad your darling son got to enjoy the snow though.


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