Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Livingroom Floor Confessions

I'm exhausted. Two winter storms in one week is too much for this Texas girl. When we finally got our water back I started washing clothes and dishes. Later we heard of another storm coming like the first. I frantically washed all clothes and dishes worried that we would have frozen and busted pipes again. Plus we spent all day Sunday at church for our Superbowl chili cook off.

All of that said I have an excerpt from our first video. We get talking too much and our video became way too long so I edited this out. I still wanted to show it so here it is

My First Time Cooking w/o My Mom

Love ya Teri!


  1. just cause she's a dr. doesn't mean she know how to cook! just cause i know how to cook(kinda) doesn't mean i can perform surgery! hahaha! it also doesn't mean i know how to make a joke!!! have a good day.

  2. I even talked to her the day after I posted that. She was laughing histerically remembering that day. She still doesn't know how to cook and probably won't learn. That flash fire has detered her. I also know that was not her only kitchen fire.

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