Tuesday, March 1, 2011

In a Rut

I have been in a rut lately. Work, Home, Church, Work, Home, Church. Wait for Hubby to come home. Feed child.  I need a break.

I think winter does that to me. Can't go outside, too cold and windy. Going shopping is a big ordeal. I have to plan at least three hours to do so. 30 minutes to get to store, shop for a few hours, then 30 minutes home. Hopefully home in time before Bubba falls asleep in back seat.  And with the price of gas and hour drive just to get out of the house is an expensive get away.
Sorry I don't mean to rant and moap, I'm just ready for spring. I'm ready to send Bubba out to play while I garden. First we need outdoor play things and gardening things. There I go again... sorry.

Look at what my hubby bought for me. A Nikkon D3000. SL is so sweet. He must know how moapy I have been. My old camera was definitely on it's last life. I could no longer turn the dial myself and had to drag SL everywhere I took pics so he could turn the dial, once with his teeth.  It was cheaper to buy a new camera than pay for that much dental work that would have come from a broken tooth.
Now to find my muse. Clouds, Flowers, SL, Bubba, Storms...not sure yet. Send me some suggestions. I need inspiration.

I still have my Prayer tab opened for any prayer requests you may have. Just send them to Boredministerswife@gmail.com.

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