Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A List

1.  I don't feel well.
     I think my head my explode from all the pressure.

2.  We finally got the germs out of the house.
     All three of us were having some sort of intestinal issues. Yuck.

3.  My kidney decided to attack me and give me immense pain.

4.  I did not have to cook or clean while we were sick. Yippee!

5.  Les Miserables 25th Anniversary Concert was on TV this week, 3 times!
     I love Les Mis.

6.  I saw my hubby SL get teary eyed at the end of Les Mis.
     Yep, he cried. So did I but I'm a girl and I cry every time.

7.  I have to explain everything that is happening because SL says he can't understand what they are singing.

8.  The US tour is coming somewhat close to us in May. I'm trying to get SL to make plans to go for our anniversary, which is in May.

9.  It rained yesterday. We haven't had rain in many weeks. We are in a serious drought. Our rain yesterday only lasted for 2 minutes. Yes, I timed it.

10.  My eyebrow is twitching. I look like a crazy person who wiggles their eyebrows.

It is time for a nap.

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